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The birthing





The Żelazna Medical Centre provides a Birthing Centre for those who are seeking a childbirth experience midway between a home birth and a hospital delivery. The birthing rooms are decorated to look like bedrooms in London, Paris, or Rome.



If you want to experience childbirth in conditions of privacy, if you feel that childbirth is a family event rather than a medical one, and if you wish to celebrate the birth of your child in peace and quiet and yet are worried about giving birth at home, the Birthing Centre is a good choice.


The fact that the Birthing Centre is a division of Żelazna Medical Centre is an important advantage should a delivery require medical assistance or if a complication should arise. The nearness of a medical team, operating room, and ordinary birthing facilities create completely safe conditions. Nevertheless, in the usual course of events, births there are completely natural, without medical interventions.


Some differences between a traditional maternity ward and the Birthing Centre:

  – we do not resort to medical interventions on the order of injecting oxytocin,         piercing the amniotic sac, and so forth.

  – we do not provide epidural anesthesia

  – we do not insert venous catheters (venflons)

  – ordinarily we do one CTG on admission and then monitor the baby’s heartbeat     exclusively by auscultation during the course of the birth

  – care is provided by a midwife, with a doctor becoming involved solely in the case of   complications.


Any healthy woman whose pregnancy is developing normally can arrange to give birth in the Birthing Centre. More information on the subject of qualifications and operating principles can be found on the website of „Żelazna” Medical Centre - In spite of the fairly luxurious furnishings, the rooms are free for insured persons.

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