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The courses take place on weekends, in central Warsaw.

There are 5 sessions, each session lasts 2-3 hours.

Next course: 27-28.11.2021

Participants should bring comfortable clothing that does not hamper movement, and warm socks or a change of shoes.

Total cost of the course - 800 PLN.

In contrast to courses conducted in Polish, those conducted in English are not financed by the Department of Health Policy of the City of Warsaw.  

Individual preparation for childbirth is also available. Such preparation usually involves four meetings of around 2 hours each. Breathing exercises are included but not gymnastics. The times are to be agreed upon.

The best time to take the course is in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

It is good to finish the course at least a month before the due date. The fact that the course lasts five weeks should be taken into consideration.

Registration can be done by email (

or by telephone (603 404 799).

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