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The program takes five weeks to complete.

Classes are held once a week.

Each class lasts around 3 hours.



1. The processes of pregnancy and birth. The first signs of birth.

The phases of birth. What happens to the mother; what happens to the baby.

The baby’s first contact with its parents. Breathing exercises.



2. Emotions and hormones during birth. The role of the accompanying person.

Means of alleviating childbirth pains. Exercises—best positions for giving birth; massage; breathing and relaxation techniques.



3. Breastfeeding as the best manner of feeding a newborn. Lactation problems.

Recommended gymnastic exercises during pregnancy.



4. Adapting the newborn to its environment. Bathing and care.



5. The physical and psychological condition of postpartum women.

Sexuality and marital relationships. Organizing life after a home birth.

Legal issues.

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