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Childbirth Classes

Rutynowa Ciąża Checkup

During our childbirth classes we emphasize that pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, and maternity are natural processes, which can be intelligently supported by technology and medicine. In addition to providing the science-based information you need, we often invite women who have already delivered to share their experiences with class members.  

Most of the classes involve group activities. Group interaction helps participants to perceive that they themselves possess the knowledge and intuition to deal with various difficulties that may arise in connection with pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care.

Both the information provided in the classes and the gymnastic and breathing exercises will help you trust your own body and will strengthen your faith in your latent maternal abilities. It will be easier for you to define your expectations and needs, and to decide where you want to give birth, in what company, and in what manner.

I am convinced that these classes will help you to face maternity with less fear and greater self-confidence.

Magdalena Witkiewicz

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